Floor Screed & Slurry Adhesive

In Compliance With European Norms

EN – CT 13183


Product Overview

Wallkley Twins is eco-friendly, light weight, non-water curing, quick drying, high strength, shrinkage-less, mineral based binder in powder form made from natural material to create stable base of screed before fixing of any kind of tiles, stone or other coverings such as carpet, wooden flooring, coatings etc.

Product Characteristics

  • Can be used for the WET-ON-WET technique and can be used as a slurry polymer-based blinder.
  • Best compressive strength when used with Twins compared with the traditional method.
  • Suitable for making beds for tile and stone application.
  • No curing required.
  • Sand particles evenly distributed from 0-8 mm.
  • Low VOC and suitable for green building.

Available In


20 KG



Quality & Safety Assurance

Wallkley’s range of products are most eco-friendly and suitable to use in all kinds of buildings including green buildings. Apart from using the best international raw material for the best performance, Wallkley procures the major raw material locally to safeguard the environment.


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